Buy a Trophy today, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  Not the hunting version, these Trophies are to award human endeavour of a different kind!  In addition to a large range of Glassware and Crystal for your selection, some engravers offer traditional Trophy ranges, made from metal, resins and plastics.

Trophies for All Occasions

A Trophy is most often used to award an achievement for a Sport and a large range of different Trophy selections is available on all websites.  A large winner’s Trophy, with different sizes for the runners up Trophy, in the same style, is available for you to purchase online, at excellent prices.


Crystal Football Trophy. Full sized Football.

Magnificent Sports Trophy, weighing 25kg on The Glass Engraver's Websites

Also available are suitable Corporate Trophy selections, for sales awards, long service awards and other corporate achievements.  A suitable Trophy, awarded to an employee, shows that the employer really cares about the people who strive for excellence.  There are some extremely high quality corporate Trophies available on all of The Glass Engraver's Websites, in the form of Glass Trophies - Rock Tablets and Crystal Trophies - WhiteFire Optical Crystal Blocks.

A School Trophy is often awarded for academic achievement and The Glass Engraver's Websites all have Academic Trophys (sp), including a superb solid Optical Crystal book, either open or closed.  Suitably engraved with the school or university crest and appropriate wording, celebrating the reason for the Trophys (sp) being awarded, they look simply stunning when presented in their velvet-lined caskets.


Academic Trophy Book, engraved for a School Trophy.

Beautiful Academic Trophy, a book, on The Glass Engravers Websites

Trophies are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.  This enables you to buy Trophyies for first place, second place and so on – even down to 5 or 6 places when using wine glasses as Trophies.  All Trophies can be engraved individually, to record the placing they are awarded for.

Trophy UK

All engravers are UK based, so your Trophy UK needs will be satisfied by a company based here, with stocks in UK.  Your order can also be delivered to any address in the UK too.  Your Trophy UK based engraver is also able to deliver your order to any worldwide address too.  You can place your Trophy UK order online at any time of the day or night and request a proof, to satisfy yourself that your order is in hand and to specification.  Alternatively, contact your choice of glass engraver by email or ‘phone, for professional advice with a friendly disposition!


Crystal Block Trophy engraved for Corporate Trophy.

Stunning Corporate Trophy, solid Optical Crystal, on The Glass Engravers Websites

Want to buy a Trophy UK manufactured?  The Glass Engravers Websites all feature Glass Trophy ranges known as Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Visit any website and type either name into the Search Box, to find a Trophy UK made product range.  They are ideal for all purposes, Corporate, Academic and Sporting.

Please be assured that your Trophy UK based engraver will be a competent, approved person, with time served experience.  Multiple Trophies UK supplied, engraved and delivered on time, to your specifications, by your choice of glass engraver.

Trophies UK, is a standard you can be assured of, with competitive pricing too.  Great Trophies UK, manufactured in the UK.  Excellent Trophies UK engraved to high standards.  And Trophies UK delivered on time, to any address, including UK islands.


Corporate Trophy, engraved with logo and text.

Hand Made Trophy UK Corporate Trophy, a Rock Tablet, on The Glass Engravers Websites


Buy a Trophy from any of The Glass Engravers Websites online and your Trophy selection may cause you a problem, due to the large amount to choose from.  Feel free to make contact with any engraver and ask for assistance with budget, engraving and/or the Trophy selection process.

A business Trophy, for an excelling sales person, awards an individual deemed to be deserving of singling out for their extreme efforts.  There are numerous business Trophy and awards, with various associated costs to suit all budgets, on all websites.  Your business logo and appropriate words can be supplied as a proof, so you may be assured that your Trophy will be correctly spelled and to specification.


Fusion Blue Crystal Trophy, engraved for Golf Trophy.

A beautiful blue Sports Trophy, from The Glass Engravers Websites

Custom Made Trophies

Your local or specialist Glass Engraver will be able to discuss your needs with you, for Custom Made Trophies.  A speciality for Custom Made Trophies is the WhiteFire Optical Crystal range (Crystal Trophies), which can be cut from a large piece of Optical Crystal and shaped, polished and specially packaged to your requirements.  An alternative, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland, is the range of Rock Tablets (Glass Trophies).  Manufactured from 12mm (1/2”) thick jade glass, they can also be cut to your choice of shape and size, to special order, to make your desired Custom Made Trophies.


Custom Made Trophy, made for a customer specially.

A Custom Made ‘Trophy’ a Rock Tablet Trophy of Love, contact an engraver to discuss.

Custom Made Trophies are also available, when made from metals, resins and plastics.  Contact an engraver who specialises in this service, for professional advice on the possibilities.

All Custom Made Trophies take a little longer to deliver than standard ‘off the shelf’ trophies, so allow additional time for manufacture when planning your Custom Made Trophies.