Crystal Glass Decanter

You can buy from a large range of Crystal Glass Decanters on any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Many different shapes are available, at a variety of prices.  All Crystal Glass Decanters can be engraved for presentations, Trophies, Awards or Gifts.

Crystal Glass Decanters

Moving up the scale in terms of lead content, Crystal Glass Decanters feature a lot in the the Glass Engraver's range and are good quality, at reasonable prices.  Laguna Crystal Glass Decanters and Orbit Crystal Glass Decanters are available on their own or as part of a Decanter Set.


Laguna crystal-glass Wine Decanter for engraving.

The Laguna Crystal Glass

Crystal Glass Decanter Packaging

One of the most popular Crystal Glass Decanters is the Royal Square Spirit Decanter, a Whisky Decanter, or, for the Irish version of the spirit, namely a Whiskey Decanter.  This Crystal Glass Decanter is a traditional square shape, with ‘shoulders’ and a facetted stopper.  A fine weight of Crystal Glass, it is 1.9kgs and has the ‘feel’ of a good quality Crystal Glass Spirit Decanter.  Ideal, also, for Brandy or any other spirit, it looks superb when packaged in a satin lined box.

The Royal Crystal Glass Decanter is available on its own, or as part of a Whisky Set.  Packaged with a pair of Tumblers in a satin lined box, this is a superb presentation Gift, Award or Trophy.


'Royal' crystal-glass square spirit Decanter. for engraving.

The Regal Crystal Glass

"The Lovers" Crystal Glass Decanters

“The Lovers” is a masterpiece idea.  Not one Crystal Glass Decanter, but two, intertwined with one another, they make an ideal Wedding Present or Anniversary Gift.  This pair of Crystal Class Decanters weigh an impressive 3.7kgs, extolling their quality, through the amount of Crystal Glass involved in their making.  Each Crystal Glass Decanter has an impressive area for engraving, allowing for the engraving of a different Heraldic Crest on each (one for the Bride’s surname and one for the Groom’s maybe?), to denote the joining together of two families.


"Lovers" pair of crystal-glass Decanters, for engraving.

The Lovers Crystal Glass