Whisky Decanter

Buy a Whisky Decanter today, from a Professional Glass Engraver's Website.  A good range of Whisky Decanters is available.  Plain Crystal Glass Whisky Decanters and Lead Crystal 'Fully Cut' and 'Panelled' Whisky Decanters, are available ex-stock.  If you are looking for a supplier of a Whisky Decanter UK based, then visit a Glass Engraver's Website today.

A bottle of whisky lasts quite a long time and the spirit looks far better, when decanted into a decent looking Spirit Decanter.  That is why Whisky Decanters are so very popular as Gifts, Corporate Awards and Sports Trophies.

The cutting of a Panelled (or Fully Cut) Whisky Decanter creates small prisms in the surface of the Crystal.  Those prisms create colour, through refraction, adding to the amber glow of the spirit.  A Whisky Decanter placed in the light will literally 'shine' with colours.  Most of the Whisky Decanter ranges on  Glass Engraver's Websites feature a facetted stopper, which also refracts light, creating a rainbow of colour.


 A Crystal-Glass Whisky Decanter. For engraving.

The 'Regal' is a Crystal Glass Whisky Decanter

Engraved Crystal Decanter

Buy an Engraved Crystal Decanter today from any of The Glass Engraver's  WebsitesCrystal Glass Whisky Decanters and Panelled Lead Crystal Whisky Decanters are ideal for engraving purposes and allow for a good area for the engraving layout.  All Glass Engravers in this directory are experts at Crystal Engraving and can provide you with a 'proof' of the intended layout, so that you can be certain you will receive an Engraved Crystal Decanter to your specifications.

Your Engraved Crystal Decanter can feature a Photoengraving if your logo, crest or design is a greyscale image.  However, this form of engraving always looks best when engraved with a clear surface behind it, so is not recommended for a Panelled Crystal Whisky Decanter.  Glass Engravers usually deep engrave line-work for a Cut Crystal Decanter.  To find out more about an Engraved Crystal Decanter, click here.


 Crystal Whisky Decanter. Panel for engraving.

A 'Panelled' Lead Crystal Whisky Decanter

Cut Crystal Decanter

You can buy a Cut Crystal Decanter today, from any Glass Engraver's Website.  To be a Cut Crystal Decanter, the Decanter needs to be Lead Crystal.  A Glass Whisky Decanter cannot be cut and then polished using acid, because the glass will simply burn the glass.  A Crystal Glass Whisky Decanter will also burn in acid.  Only Lead Crystal polishes properly, turning the white cuts, made by a diamond wheel, into a clear Cut Crystal Decanter.

In times gone by, a glass maker's apprentice would polish cuts by hand, using pumice powder.  Which is why they had very gnarled hands!  Cuts can also be polished using a cork wheel, to the same shape as the diamond impregnated wheel used for the cutting.  This is very time consuming and rarely done, due to labour costs.  Cut Crystal Decanters are currently polished in an acid bath.


 Cut Crystal Decanter. 24% Lead Crystal.

A hand engraved Lead Crystal Whisky Decanter

Square Decanter

Buy a Square Decanter or Square Spirit Decanter today, from any of the Glass Engraver's Websites.  Why is a Spirit Decanter square?  There is no reason, other than perhaps a differentiation between shapes for a Wine Decanter and a Spirit Decanter.  A Decanter may be any shape and more modern Decanters are of various different shapes.  A Square Decanter is simply a classic shape and one which is recognised as being for spirits.  Thus, it is named a Square Decanter, Square Spirit Decanter or Square Whisky Decanter.  Another classic shape is a Ships Decanter, which can hold either wine or spirit.

The Glass Engraver Websites offer a large range of Square Decanters, including Crystal Spirit Decanters, Lead Crystal Square Decanters, including the 'Inverness Crystal' Square Spirit Decanter.  A Square Crystal Decanter is ideal for engraving, offering up to four sides for different logos or crests, plus words to convey your message.


 Square Decanter or Whisky Decanter. For engraving.

A Square Decanter, otherwise known as a Whisky Decanter.