Decanter Set

Buy a Decanter Set or a Decanter with Glass today, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  A Decanter and Glasses, presented in a Satin Lined Box, or as a Whisky Set, make presentations very special.  There is a large range of Decanter Sets available to buy online.

We have elected to separate Decanter Sets from Whisky Sets.  For the purposes of separation, we have decided that a Decanter Set is placed in a Satin Lined Box, while a Whisky Set is placed on a Wood Tray.  There is a further, fascinating choice for presenting Decanters only and that is in a Tantalus.

Decanter Sets and Whisky Sets incorporate a Decanter with Glasses.  Some Decanter Sets offer two Tumblers and others six Tumblers.  Whisky Sets are available as a Decanter with glasses and involve either two Tumblers or four Tumblers.  As you can see, there is a wide range available to you.


Decanter Set in satin box, for engraving.

A Decanter Set with Crystal Glass Decanter and Tumblers

Crystal Decanter Set

A Crystal Decanter Set is often requested and one is never certain if it is a Lead Crystal Decanter Set which is required, or a Crystal Glass Decanter Set.  You can find out more about the difference between Lead Crystal and Crystal Glass by clicking on the relevant words.

You can select from Decanter Sets made up of a Crystal Glass Decanter and Tumblers (plain Crystal, with no cutting) or a Decanter Set made up of a Lead Crystal Decanter and Tumblers (Cut Crystal). 

Glass Decanter Set

Sometimes people refer to a Crystal Decanter Set which has cutting, as a Cut Glass Decanter Set.  This is often due to the belief that Glassware and Crystal are the same, however this is chemically incorrect, but all Glass Engravers will understand the terminology of Cut Glass Decanter Set.

Professional Glass Engravers  will also understand the terminology Glass Decanter Set (that is without cutting) and there are Crystal Glass Decanter Sets of beautiful quality available to buy online.


Cut crystal Decanter Set, for engraving.

A Panelled Lead Crystal Decanter Set allows for engraving

Please do not concern yourself too much with the various terminologies and feel free to ask for either a Glass Decanter Set, or a Crystal Decanter Set. Glass Engravers in the Directory are friendly, professional people, whose business it is to ensure your needs are satisfied!

Engraved Decanter Set

A Decanter with Glass which is plain (no cutting) allows for multiple engraving areas.  All four sides of the Decanter and also all around the glass may be engraved.  This can be an advantage if you need to incorporate a number of designs and a lot of text on your Engraved Decanter Set.

A Decanter with Glass, which is cut with a pattern, is available either incorporating a Panel of clear glass for engraving purposes, or Fully Cut, which is not suitable for engraving, but makes a great 'instant Gift.

Where a Decanter Set is provided with a Panelled Decanter, you can elect either to have the Tumblers with a Panel or Fully Cut, depending on your engraving requirements.


Decanter Set, comprising of decanter and 6 glasses.

A Crystal Glass Decanter Set with 6 Tumblers. The box is fitted out and looks good when filled with glass!

The selection from the Websites is very comprehensive and it is often better to make contact with an Glass Engraver by 'phone or email and ask for their assistance.  They will listen to your engraving requirements and guide you to the correct Decanter Set.  Your Engraved Decanter Set will then be suited to the amount of engraving you stipulate.

 Engraved Decanter Sets make superb Gifts, Trophies and Corporate Awards.  The Decanter can incorporate a design (either a logo, a crest or a generic design, available from an online library on all Glass Engraver Websites) and words to commemorate or congratulate the recipient.  The Tumblers can be engraved with either the design used on the Decanter, or a different design.  Engraved Decanter Sets can be delivered to any address in the world and special packaging ensures their safe delivery.  The cost of sending your order for Engraved Decanter Sets will be calculated online at the time of order.


2 decanter Tantalus, for engraving055859

Inverness Crystal Tantalus.