Inverness Crystal

Buy Inverness Crystal from any of the Glass Engraver's  Websites today.  Engraving is available, to make your gift really special.

Inverness Crystal

Inverness Crystal is a brand name for a range of crystal-glass and lead crystal, which is cut with a ‘Diamond and Fan’ design, generally with a ‘Panel’ left clear, for engraving purposes. 

There are a few items in the Inverness Crystal range which are also available ‘fully cut’; ideal for instant gifts, but also suitable for including in a set.  For instance, a Panelled Decanter may also have ‘fully cut’ Tumblers.

All Inverness Crystal products are beautifully packaged in branded blue satin lined boxes.  Decanter Sets are packaged in boxes with inserts in the lids, so that the base can sit inside the lid, when it is turned up-side-down.  This makes a presentation special, heightening the display.

The Inverness Crystal range incorporates all the popular shapes of glassware.  The most popular, for Sports Trophies, is the Tumbler.  Available in two sizes, the 8oz Whisky and the 10oz Mixer.  There is also a 12oz Hiball Glass (Ideal if you like a Tom Collins – but great for children’s tall drinks, mixed with ice).  The 10oz Mixer is available both Panelled and Fully Cut.


"Inverness Crystal" Decanter Set with engraving space.

An Inverness Crystal Decanter Set, with Panelled Decanter and Fully Cut Tumblers.

Also very popular are the different styles of Tankards. There is a lot of controversy over the positioning of the handle in relation to the Panel.  Held in the right hand, many feel that the Panel should face the person holding it (so that when it is placed on a shelf, it is facing the correct way).  Others say that the Panel should face away from the person holding it (so that, when held for drinking, the engraving on the Panel shows outwards, for all to see).  Many Inverness Crystal Tankards are currently available both ways, so you can make your own decision.

As well as the normal Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes and Brandy Glasses, the Inverness Crystal range features some beautiful Bowls.  The Rose Bowl, in particular, is a breathtaking piece of crystal making.  Mouth Blown and Hand Cut, it is the epitome of the glass blowers and cutters arts.

Inverness Crystal is exactly the same as the Earle products found on The Glass Engravers Websites.  The only difference is the packaging.  Earle products are packaged in white or brown boxes (the way they come from the factory) and are therefore less expensive than the Inverness Crystal branded satin boxed version.


Pair of "Inverness Crystal" Whisky Glasses with engraving space.

Inverness Crystal 10oz Panelled Tumblers.