Buy a Bowl today, from a proficient Glass Engraver's Website.  There is a good range of Bowls available, in many different shapes, available ex-stock.  You can buy Glass Bowls, Crystal Bowls or Lead Crystal Bowls.


If you are looking for 'Bowling', click here. This is where we show Glass Fruit Bowls and Glass Rose Bowls. Glass Engraver's Websites have a Large Glass Bowl selection for you, to buy today.  Crystal Rose Bowls and Crystal Fruit Bowls feature in abundance!

There are also Comports and Trophy Bowls to view on these Websites.


Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowl, for glass engraving.
A Balmoral Glass plain Fruit Bowl.

A bowl made of Glassware does not weigh as much as a bowl made from Crystal Glass, which does not weigh as much as a bowl made from Lead Crystal.  As one moves up in quality, Bowls naturally cost a little more.  Some Bowls are machine made, while others are hand made, also costing a little more.  Generally, the more you pay for a Bowl, the better the Bowl quality will be.

Glass Bowl

A mouth blown Glass Bowl in all the Glass Engraver's ranges is the Balmoral Glass Heeled Bowl.  A Large Glass Bowl of good proportions.  There is also a great Comport range in Balmoral Glass, again, a Large Glass Bowl.  Of course, there are also smaller sizes available too, like the Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowl.  And there are Balmoral Glass Trophy Bowls and Glass Rose Bowls too, all available for you to buy online.


 "Balmoral Glass" Rose Bowl, with net.

A Balmoral Glass plain Rose Bowl.

Glass Bowls are great for engraving, offering plenty of space.  Engraved Bowls are the business of all of The Glass Engravers.  You can order online or contact one directly for some good 'old fashioned customer care'.

Crystal Bowl

A Bowl made from Crystal Glass looks stunning when on a table, filled with fruit of flowers.  Large Glass Bowls made from Crystal, like the 14" Rectangle Fruit Bowl.  These Crystal Bowls tend to have extremely thick walls and are substantial and yet the clarity of the Crystal is astounding.


 'Smile' Crystal Fruit Bowl, for engraving.

The 'Smile' Crystal Fruit Bowl.

The Smile Crystal Fruit Bowl is very contemporary and looks extraordinary when engraved for a special presentation.  Suitable for Corporate Awards, Sports Trophies and especially for personal Gifts.

Lead Crystal Bowls

There is a range of Lead Crystal Bowls in different shapes; Crystal Fruit Bowls, Comports and Crystal Rose Bowls available on all Glass Engraver's Websites for you to buy.

Imagine a Crystal Rose Bowl, decked with flowers, as a centrepiece for a table.  There are Crystal Rose Bowls in different sizes, to suit every need on the Websites.  A Lead Crystal Bowl can be engraved and a clear panel of Crystal is left for this purpose.


 24% Lead Crystal Fruit Bowl.

The Inverness Crystal satin
boxed Fruit Bowl.


Personalised Bowl

You can buy a Personalized Bowl from any Glass Engraver's WebsiteCorporate customers can upload their own logo, Clubs can upload their crest and everyone can select special engraving designs from the online library.

Add appropriate words to commemorate or congratulate and you will have an Engraved Bowl to be proud of.  You are welcome to contact an engraver for assistance and they will become your contact from beginning to completion of your order.


 "Inverness Crystal" Rose Bowl, with net.

The Inverness Crystal satin
boxed Rose Bowl with net.