Golf Prizes

Golf is really ‘The Beautiful Game’!  And The Glass Engraver’s Websites have some Beautiful Golf Prizes for your selection!

The game of golf is arguably centered around the ball.  Golfers may argue the point, but the finest clubs, the best caddy and the most perfect course cannot compete with the vagaries of where That Ball will land..!  And so it is, that on the Glass Engravers' websites, Golf Prizes are centered around a Golf Ball.

Golf Ball and Plaque.  A ‘silver’ support, holding a block of Fusion Optical Crystal, which has been bevelled all round its perimeter.  At the top of the block of optical crystal, is a crystal Golf Ball.

The large expanse of optical crystal is superb for the engraving of a club crest and suitable text.  Deep engraved into the crystal, for maximum effect.

Packaged in a distinctive velvet lined casket, with magnetic clasp, which closes with the ‘clunk’ of the Professional’s Jaguar door!


 Crystal Golf Ball Plaque, engraved for Golf Prize.

Golf Ball set into optical crystal plaque, supported by a chrome foot.

Spectacular, desk orientated, Golf Prizes.

A Golf Ball on a solid block of WhiteFire Optical Crystal.  The ball spins in the dished surface of the block, adding a schoolboy fascination to the piece!

The block is superb for multiple position engraving.  Club Crest on one side, Sponsors logo on another and a text commemorating the Golf Prize on another, perhaps?

Packaged in a WhiteFire branded, velvet lined casket, sporting a magnetic clasp, it closes with the ‘clunk’ of a Club Secretary’s Door at opening time….


 Crystal Golf Ball on base, for engraving.

A Golf Ball in Optical Crystal, on base, for engraving.

The Golf Ball on Base makes beautiful Golf Prizes, suitable to adorn the most decorative of shelves.

Hole in One Award

The Ultimate Golf Award, a Hole in One Trophy..! 

Hand Made in The Highlands of Scotland, Ice-Block’s have rugged edges, emulating the country of their birth, yet are smooth to touch. 

The base is drilled and chamfered, to accept The Ball that made it down The Hole – in one.

Supplied in a rigid, branded box and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing their provenance.

Small details are not overlooked and plastic feet protect from scratches.


"Ice Block" engraved glass Hole in One Award.

An "Ice Block" Hole in One Award.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you using the Copinsay Ice Block for other Golf Prizes too!

The Glass Engraver’s Websites have dozens of alternative choices in glass and crystal Golf Prizes to offer.  Featured here are just four.

There are different types of traditional Chalices (Cups).  Ones with parallel tops and sliced tops, with and without laurel cuts.

Golf Club Medals

A Medal, for your Golf Club Medals Winners.  Solid optical crystal, beautifully packaged.

Decanters are always welcomed, especially when branded with the distinctive Inverness Crystal logo on the box.  A clear panel of 24% lead crystal awaits your Club Logo and text to turn this into indomitable Golf Prizes.

A hugely popular product for Golf Prizes are Tumblers and The Glass Engraver’s Websites have many to offer, in a variety of sizes, styles and packaging options.

Featured opposite, is the Balmoral Glass Bubble Based Tumbler, available in three sizes and packaged singly, in pairs or sixes.

Visit The Glass Engraver’s Websites for hundreds of different ideas for Golf Prizes.


Glass Chalice, engraved for Golf Prize. Balmoral Glass Chalice with Laurel Cut

Crystal Golf Club Medal, with ribbon and box.

WhiteFire Medal


Cut Crystal Decanter, engraved for Golf Prize.

Inverness Crystal Decanter


"Balmoral Glass" Tumbler, engraved for Golf Prize.Balmoral Glass Bubble Base Tumbler