Claret Decanter

You can buy a Claret Decanter today, engraved to your specification, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Plain Claret Decanters and a cut Lead Crystal Claret Decanter are available.

What is Claret?

A Claret is a red wine from the Bordeaux region of France, originally named 'clairet' in French.  It has been popular in Britain for over 700 years, all the time there has been trading with France.  The word Claret is protected by the EU and has been ever since the British wine trade were able to prove that the term has been historically used.

Interestingly, the French do not use the term Claret, except when exporting the wine.  The American and Australian markets also use the term Claret, but the wine does not have to come from France.  So don't be surprised if you are in France and ask for Claret and they don't know what you are talking about - or if you are in America or 'down under' and you ask for Claret and get a local version!



Waitrose 'Good Ordinary Claret' currently £4.69

The French use the term Claret for less expensive red Bordeaux wines costing from £4 - £5 a bottle.  Better quality ones come with a higher class 'Chateau' label e.g. Chateau de Fonbel, selling for around £40 a bottle.  Some red Boreaux wines can cost up to £700 a bottle and are designed for laying down for 20 years either as an investment or for a special occasion.  One would definitely want to decant such a wine into a decent quality Claret Decanter!

It stands then, that Claret is not the best of red Bordeaux wines, but is generally 'quaffable' and was the stalwart of Fleet Street's 'long lunch' brigade for many years.  Clarets are best drunk with a good cheese or beef.  They are a light wine with plenty of fruity taste and very easy on the palette. 

   Chateau de Fonbel Claret

Chateau de Fonbel - a popular claret costing around £15 per bottle.

As with all red wines, Claret will improve by being opened for a couple of hours before drinking.  A wine-aerator will greatly improve the taste, as will swirling it around the bottom of a large glass during great conversation!

Historically, Claret has also been a term used by the English aristocracy and thus, the French now continue to promote it, boosting sales of less expensive wine.  It is also intended to change the term Claret to  'Claret de Bordeaux', to boost awareness of the region.

So that explains the question What is Claret Wine?  But What is Claret also used to describe?  Claret is also a blood-red colour and used in the boxing world as a slang terminology, "covered in claret" meaning 'covered in blood'.


 Oval shape Claret Decanter. For engraving.

The 'Ravel' Wine Decanter. An
inexpensive Glassware Decanter 
with cork stopper.

Claret Decanter

Traditionally, a Claret Decanter has a handle to it, but today, any Wine Decanter will more than adequately  serve the purpose.  The purpose being, to decant the wine from the lees, sometimes found at the bottom of the bottle.

The Glass Engravers Websites offer a range of Claret Decanters ex-stock, for immediate delivery; or wait a little longer to have your Claret Decanter deep engraved.  Claret Decanters are available in Glassware, Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal

Glass Decanters are available in two different shapes, Square or Oval.  The oval shape being more suited to use as a Claret Decanter.  A cork stopper keeps air from ruining your Claret, if it is to be left for a day or so - Claret should not be left for longer.


 Pair of 'Lovers Decanters'. Claret decanters for engraving.

The Crystal Glass Lovers Decanters
make excellent Wine Decanters
Or, one could be used for wine
and the other, for spirit.

Crystal Glass Claret Decanters are available in several different styles and shapes.  This heavier weight Decanter range is superb quality and the clear Crystal Glass of the Claret Decanter allows unimpeded sight of the quaffable red wine! 

Ideal for engraving, these Claret Decanters make fantastic Gifts, Corporate Awards and Sports Trophies.  The Lovers Decanters would make an ideal Wedding Present, with Heraldic Crests for the two families being joined together. engraved one on each Decanter.  A commemorative message on one and a personal message engraved on the other.

Lead Crystal Claret Decanters are hand cut with a 'diamond and fan' pattern, with either a clear 'panel' of crystal for engraving purposes, or fully cut and suitable for an 'instant gift'.  This version of Claret Decanter is named Earle when packaged in its original white box, or, 'Inverness Crystal', when packaged in a branded blue satin lined box.


 24% lead crystal Claret Decanter, for engraving.

An 'Inverness Crystal'
Claret Decanter

Panelled versions of the Inverness Crystal Claret Decanter make high quality Corporate Trophies and Prizes.  A Golf Prize presentation of one of these Claret Decanters would definitely provide a Wow Factor!