Glass Decanter

You can buy Glass Decanters from any of The Glass Engraver  Websites

Glass Decanter

There are some inexpensive Glass Decanters with a glass and cork stopper available.  These Glass Decanters are machine made in Italy and are good value for money.  If a budget price Glass Decanter is required, then the square Glass Decanter and oval Glass Decanter are for you.

Budget option Glass Decanters do not offer the best of quality, but are a great option if a large Sports Prize is required, with plenty of space for engraving a club crest and suitable words.

There are other Glass Decanter selections, including the Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter.  This Glass Decanter is mount blown and hand finished.  An interesting fact about hand made Glass Decanters is that each stopper is individually made for each Glass Decanter.  So, if you have two similar Glass Decanters, wash them up separately!


Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter. Engraved for Squash Trophy.

The Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter

Some very high quality Glass Decanters are manufactured by very expensive automatic glass making machines.  Amongst which, is the Schott Zwiesel Tossa Decanter, available from all Glass Engraver Websites.  The quality of this Glass Decanter has to be seen to be believed.  It is not over-sized, yet weighs 1.8kgs.

Cut Glass Decanter

A ‘Cut Glass Decanter’ or Cut Crystal Decanter range is available to buy from Glass Engraver Websites.

‘Panelled’ Cut Crystal Decanters have been cut around ¾ of their circumference, leaving a clear Panel of crystal for engraving purposes.  A full Cut Crystal Decanter has been cut all the way round and is not suitable for engraving.  Fully cut Lead Crystal Decanters are available to buy from Glass Engraver Websites and are an ideal as an ‘instant’ Gift.


Ravel Glass Decanter, for engraving.

“Ravel” Glass Decanter from Italy

Cut Glass Decanters are unusual, because the cuts cannot be polished after cutting, other than the expensive process of the cutter following the cuts with a cork wheel, making it unlikely.  A Cut Crystal Decanter, on the other hand, is dipped in acids to polish away the white cuts left by the cutter’s wheel.  Are the words Cut Glass Decanter therefore a bit of a misnomer?  Not really, if one considers Crystal or Lead Crystal to be forms of Glassware.  Of course, there is such a thing as Intaglio Cutting, where cuts are left white and this form of ‘cutting and not polishing’ is distinctly possible; therefore if a Glass Decanter is Intaglio Cut, it would indeed be a Cut Glass Decanter. 

Therefore, we may need to retract the statement under the heading that a Cut Glass Decanter can be bought from Glass Engraver Websites, strictly speaking, it cannot; loosely speaking, it can!  But a Cut Crystal Decanter most certainly can be bought.


Cut glass Decanter, engraved for Police Retirement.056567

"Cut Glass" or Cut Crystal Decanter, engraved for a Retirement gift.