Ships Decanter

Buy a Ships Decanter today, plain, for immediate despatch, or wait a little longer and have it engraved to your specification, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites. A Plain Glass Ships Decanter or hand cut Lead Crystal Ships Decanter are available ex-stock.

What is a Ships Decanter?

A Ships Decanter traditionally held the rum for British ships at sea, rum being the ration served to all seamen.  Bottles and standard Decanters would fall over in a heavy sea.  It was in the 18th century that Admiral Rodney designed the ideal Decanter for use at sea.  Basically, the width had to be equal or greater than the height, to lower the point of gravity.  Indeed, many different features were introduced on 'A Rodney' as they were known at the time, including rings around the neck to better grip the item and flat stoppers to stop them falling off the table, as a ball shape might.

Ships Decanter

The beautiful Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter is mouth blown and hand finished and, if you happen to take it to sea, it will not fall over in a sea battle!


"Balmoral Glass" Ships Decanter, showing point of gravity. 

The Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter, also available in a Satin Box.

Packaged in a distinctive branded blue box, these Ships Decanters also have a 'legend' informing your recipient about their method of manufacture and offer words of advice about caring for them.

The Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter is ideal for engraving, making it an ideal Gift, Sports Trophy or Corporate Award or Prize.  The Decanter can be engraved in more than one area, if multiple designs or groups of words are required.  Place your order online, or contact your selected Glass Engraver to discuss your needs.

The epitome of Ships Decanters is the cut crystal offering on all websites.  In its original white box, it is found under the Earle range.  Also available in a satin lined box, it is branded Inverness Crystal.  24% Lead Crystal, hand cut with a 'diamond and fan' design, leaving a panel of clear crystal for engraving, it weighs nearly 3.8kgs.


 Cut crystal Ships Decanter. Engraving space available.

The Inverness Crystal Ships Decanter, with a clear panel for engraving.

Ships Decanters are widely used for Port, by the Navy in particular.  A Ships Port Decanter is passed clockwise around the table, never being put down until it returns to the head of the table.  A Ships Port Decanter holds the drink which is always used to toast The Queen.  Ships Port Decanters are widely used for Military Glassware.

Buy Ship Decanters from any of The Glass Engravers Websites today.  Or contact your chosen engraver, to discuss your engraving details for your Ship Decanters.