Port Decanter

You can buy a Port Decanter today, plain, for immediate despatch, or wait a little longer and have it engraved to your specification, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites. Plain Port Decanters and cut Lead Crystal Port Decanters are available.

What is Port?

Port is a fortified sweet wine, exclusively from the Douro region of Portugal.  Or so say the EU.  If you are in America or Australia, the any of the other main wine making regions of the world, Port can be a local brew.  In fairness, the Americans do honour (or is that honor?) the term Porto.  Porto is the name given to Port by the Portuguese.

Wine from any of the many grapes grown in the region are used in the production of the wine.  So What is Port and what makes it so special?  It is the addition of Aguardente, a grape spirit, to stop the fermentation process at a crucial stage, which makes Port more like brandy than wine, although nowhere near as potent.  Port is stored away in caves to mature before finally being bottled.

So, What is Port Wine and how did it come about? It is the English who were responsible for Port in its current form.  In the 1700's, when trade with France was stopped, wine from Portugal was trialled, but due to the journey, it spoiled.  Thus, it was fortified in the current manor and became extremely popular.


 Bottle of Port, or Porto, from Portugal.

Port or Porto, from Portugal, is a fortified wine from the Douro region.

Port gets its name from the port of Porto, which is on the River Douro.  Port and in particular the name Porto is a protected name by the EU and is the oldest named and protected region in the world.  There are two older wine making regions in the world, but they received protected status after Porto.

Port is the ideal dessert wine and contains approximately 20% alcohol.  It is bitter-sweet in taste, due to the halting of the fermentation process.  There are both red (Ruby and Tawny) and white Ports and they go equally well with cheese as with sweet puddings.  Latterly, a Rosé Port has been introduced too.  It is not very popular but has not had much publicity.

LBV Port is a term used for barrels or bottles which have been stored for maturity.  Sometimes the wine is filtered and sometimes not.  Experts agree that the unfiltered wine, sitting on its lees, tasts better than the filtered variety.  All Port looks (and tastes?) better when it is decanted into a Port Decanter, but it is very necessary to decant the unfiltered variety.

Port is traditionally the drink used to toast The Queen by members of the Armed Forces.  A Port Decanter is passed from one to the other, in a clockwise direction and must not be put down until it reaches the top of the table again.  One can only draw ones own conclusions as to the reasoning behind this.

Port Decanter

The Glass Engravers Websites offer a range of Port Decanters to buy online.  Or, make contact with your selected engraver for professional and friendly advice.  There are Glassware Port Decanters, Crystal Glass Port Decanters and Lead Crystal Decanters for your selection.

Port is a wine and therefore, any Wine Decanter is suitable for Port.  Glassware Port Decanters are inexpensive, mostly due to their mass production.  Although there is one particular Port Decanter to bring to your attention, namely the Ships Port Decanter.  Mouth blown and hand finished, the Ships Port Decanter is a favourite and is packaged in a good quality branded blue box.  The Decanter comes from the Balmoral Glass range and is also available packaged in a branded satin lined box.  The packaging also features a useful 'legend' on the back, describing the method of manufacture and offers cleaning instructions too.


"Balmoral Glass" Ships Decanter for Port Wine. 

The Balmoral Glass Ships Port Decanter, also available in a Satin Box.

Other Glassware Port Decanters feature cork stoppers, which are good for keeping air away from the wine while storing - although once opened, most Port should be consumed within 3 or 4 days.  You can find this style of Port Decanter on all Engravers Website Shops, under Decanter > Plain > Contemporary.

Crystal Glass Port Decanters look stunning and there are a few to choose from.  A favourite is The Lovers, a pair of Decanters twisted together.  Combined, they weigh 3.7kgs (approx. 8lbs) and have a fantastic 'presence' about them.  Others are named Laguna and Orbit, one with a rectangular base and the other oval.

The beauty of this range of Port Decanters is that they are perfect for engraving and all engravers are experts at Glass Engraving.  The Lovers Port Decanters are perfect for a couple celebrating a Wedding or Anniversary, while the others are great for Sport Trophies and Corporate Awards.


 The Laguna Port Decanter, for Port Wines.

The Laguna Port Decanter, ideal for Glass Engraving.

Lead Crystal Port Decanters are hand cut in the traditional way.  There is a beautiful Georgian Port Decanter, complete with a clear panel of Crystal, suitable for Crystal Engraving.  A stunning presentation piece, which is sure to impress.

Also available is a traditional Wine Decanter which is tall, hand cut with a 'diamond and fan design' and crowned with a facetted stopper.  Featuring a panel of clear crystal for engraving, it makes a wonderful Gift.  Packaged in its original white box, it is part of the Earle range of Lead Crystal.  It is also available in a special branded Inverness Crystal satin lined box for special presentations.  The same Decanter is also available fully cut, without a panel of clear crystal an makes an ideal 'instant present.


 Georgian Port Decanter, for engraving.

The Georgian Port Decanter, hand cut Lead Crystal.