Crystal Trophy

Crystal Trophy

Buy a Crystal Trophy today, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  There is a large range of Crystal Trophies for your selection and special shapes can be manufactured for you.

Sports Trophies are very popular and there are a number of different sizes of Crystal Trophy for you to select from, for first place, through to sixth place when using Wine Glasses.  There are also some astounding Crystal Trophies for specific sports, as well as universal shapes of Crystal Trophies, suitable for any Sports Trophy.  Select a Website to view the many ranges and buy online.

Corporate Trophies are available in Crystal and many different shapes of Crystal Trophy are suited for use in the corporate world.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal is the finest possible quality and perfectly reflects a high quality image of the corporate body presenting these Crystal Trophies.




An 8" Crystal Trophy with stem and foot.  Flared at the top, it is an impressive piece of crystal, packaged in a Balmoral Glass branded blue box.

8” Crystal Trophy, a part of

Universal Sports

Trophies range, on The Glass

Engravers Websites.

School Trophies are always a great idea and there are some superb ideas available on all Glass Engraver Websites.  Crystal Trophies are not as expensive as one may imagine and many shapes suit Academic Awards.  There is a superb Book available in solid Optical Crystal, in two forms, either ‘open’ or ‘closed’.  Select one or the other, depending on the amount of engraving required.

Crystal Trophies are available in solid Optical Crystal, Crystal-Glass and Lead Crystal.  Given the variance of materials, the option for different shapes is vast.  A Crystal Decanter makes a grand Crystal Trophy, as does a Crystal Wine Glass or Crystal Paperweight.

Favourite shapes are to be found in the Shops of Professional Glass Engravers, under the headings Crystal Blocks and Flat Glass Awards.  There are many Crystal Trophy shapes available and all these Crystal Trophies can be engraved on more than one face.  This makes a Crystal Trophy really stand out from the norm.  The different engravings, when correctly prepared, can reflect within the Crystal Trophy and mingle to become almost as one.  In the hands of a professional Crystal Engraver, this is a great possibility and something for you to discuss, prior to ordering your Crystal Trophies


A block of solid optical crystal, in the shape of a closed book, it makes an ideal crystal trophy for schools, universities and any academic crystal trophy.  Packaged in a velvet lined casket.

Beautiful School Trophy,

a book, on The Glass Engraver


Crystal Awards Trophies

Buy Crystal Awards Trophies from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Crystal Awards Trophies are available ex-stock in the UK and can be engraved to suit your needs, including Corporate Awards, Corporate Trophies, Sports Trophies and School Trophies. 

Crystal Awards Trophies are available in different sizes, to provide Trophies for different placings e.g. First, Second, etc; Crystal Awards Trophies are also available in many various shapes, to suit the engraving layout or corporate or club image.  You can also buy Crystal Award Trophies made to your specifications in Optical Crystal

Maybe the need for a specific shape of Crystal Award Trophy is required to suit a corporate identity, or a particular theme.  Refer to your selected Glass Engraver for this service and they will deal with your enquiry.  Please be aware that time is needed to schedule production of a special shape Crystal Award Trophy.


A large square column of optical crystal, with an angled slice removed, making an ideal face for engraving. This piece has had a 3D old fashioned microphone engraved within the crystal. Packaged in a velvet lined casket.

Stunning Crystal Awards Trophy,

solid Optical Crystal, on The

Glass Engraver Websites.

Crystal Trophy Awards are supplied in a superlative velvet-lined casket, with a magnetic catch in the lid, which closes with the clunk of a Rolls Royce car door!  Your Crystal Trophy Awards will be transported and delivered safely to any worldwide address.  If placing your order online with any of The Glass Engraver Websites, when you have entered the delivery address, the website will correctly calculate the cost of shipping of your Crystal Trophy Awards.

Crystal Golf Trophies

Buy your Crystal Golf Trophies from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  There are some superb Golf Trophies available, with golf ball shapes, in solid Optical Crystal.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal Golf Trophies are available ex-stock and can be deep engraved with a corporate logo or club crest and suitable words to commemorate the event. 

Many other types of Crystal Golf Trophies are available, in the form of Wine Glasses, Decanters and Whisky Sets, to name a few.  There is also a fabulous Crystal Golf Trophy suitable for a Monthly Medal, in the form of an Optical Crystal Medal, complete with blue ribbon and beautifully boxed.  It is available at an affordable cost too!

You can place your order for Crystal Golf Trophies online, on any Website, and stipulate your engraving design (or upload your logo or crest) and words to be engraved.  State the date you must receive your Crystal Golf Trophies and they will be delivered safely to you on or before you need them.



Blue optical crystal trophy, engraved for golf trophy.

A Crystal Golf Trophy, from

The Glass Engraver


Please allow sufficient time for your Crystal Golf Trophy order to be supplied.  Your selected Glass Engraver will provide proofs, if you request them and it takes time to Engrave Crystal and get your Crystal Golf Trophy order delivered!

Crystal Football Trophy

The Glass Engraver Websites offer a great range of Crystal Football Trophies, including a Crystal Football Trophy weighing 25kgs!  Football shapes, made from solid Optical Crystal, mounted on blocks of Crystal.  Crystal Football Trophies in the form of a football being held in a solid Crystal hand.  There are many other forms of Crystal, Crystal-Glass and Lead Crystal suitable for Crystal Football Trophies.

Optical Crystal Football Trophies are packaged in a rigid, velvet-lined casket, to keep them safe during transportation and presentation.  The WhiteFire Optical Crystal branding on the lid of every Crystal Football Trophy, assures you of top quality, because the crystal used is the same as high-end prescription eyewear and cameras.


Optical crystal football trophy. Full Size football.

Magnificent Crystal Football

Trophy, weighing 25kg on

The Glass Engraver


Crystal Football Trophies material is so ‘soft’, that a very deep engraving is possible.  Deep engraving enhances the look of every Crystal Football Trophy, creating the ‘Wow’ factor at every presentation!

Crystal Glass Trophies

Buy Crystal Glass Trophies online today, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  A huge range of Crystal Glass Trophies is available to you, including Wine Glasses, Decanters, Bowls and Vases.  The marvellous thing about Crystal Glass Trophies is that you can have anything up to 6 ‘places’, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc; when using Crystal Glass Trophy Wine Glasses.  Bowls are available in a variety of sizes, enabling further ‘place’ options.  Decanters are available in different shapes, for different purposes.

Your Crystal Glass Trophies will be provided in nice packaging, suitable for safe transportation.  You can view the packaging style on all  Websites.  Your order for Crystal Glass Trophies will then be packed in safe cartons and delivered to any address of your choosing, anywhere!


Crystal trophy Vase. For engraving.

Magnificent Crystal Glass Trophy,

on The Glass Engraver

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Crystal Glass Trophies look stunning when engraved with a logo or crest and the commemorative words to celebrate the winning of the Trophy.

Crystal Trophy Cup

Buy your Crystal Trophy Cup from a Glass Engraver today.  Chalices and Sliced Chalices make a superb Crystal Trophy Cup and you can type ‘chalice’ into the Search box of any Website to find a range of sizes and styles.  A Crystal Trophy Cup which is Chalice shaped can have the option of a garland cut around its rim, turning it into a fabulous Trophy.

Engraving a Crystal Trophy Cup is the speciality of all Glass Engravers.  A Crystal Trophy cup looks best when engraved with a design – a corporate logo or club crest – along with the wording to celebrate the winning of an unusual Trophy.


Crystal Trophy Cup, for engraving.

Stunning Crystal Trophy Cup,

on The Glass Engraver

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