Fruit Bowl

Buy a Fruit Bowl today, from any Glass Engraver's Website.  There are lots of Fruit Bowls available, in many different shapes, available ex-stock.  You can buy Glass Fruit Bowls, Crystal Fruit Bowls or Lead Crystal Fruit Bowls.

Glass Fruit Bowl

Glass Fruit Bowls make great centrepieces and wonderful Gifts too.  Glass Engravers Websites have a range of ‘Balmoral Glass’ Fruit Bowls to suit all needs.


The Balmoral Glass logo signifies mouth blown glassware of good quality, beautifully packaged.

Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowls are hand made

Balmoral Glass is mouth blown and hand finished.  Each piece is presented in a blue branded box, with a ‘legend’ that tells of its manufacture and advises on future care.

A popular shape is the 8” (20cm) Heeled Fruit Bowl.  Straight sided, it has a ‘presence’ that commands attention.  Weighing 1.4kgs, it is reasonably heavy and substantial.  The Heeled Fruit Bowl can also be purchased in a satin lined box for special presentations.  You can Buy a Fruit Bowl online and also elect to have your Heeled Fruit Bowl engraved for Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Awards or Sports Trophies.  There are other Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowls, ranging in size from 6” – 8” and you can view all Glass Fruit Bowls on the Glass Engravers Websites.

'Balmoral Glass' Heeled Fruit Bowl.

The Balmoral Glass Heeled Fruit Bowl

Crystal Fruit Bowl

Crystal Fruit Bowls are available in many shapes and sizes, to buy online from any Glass Engravers Website.  A Crystal Fruit Bowl is an affordable table centrepiece, which will be admired daily! Reassuringly heavy, the additional weight of a Crystal Fruit Bowl feels like the quality you would expect from such a central object.

There are many different favourites from the range of Crystal Fruit Bowls and you can view them all on any Website listed in the Directory.  These Bowls are available in many different sizes, to suit your needs and the dimensions of the available space.  One of the larger Crystal Fruit Bowls is the 14” Rectangle Crystal Fruit Bowl, weighing over 2kgs.  Clear, thick walled Crystal, it is a superb piece of craftsmanship.


Modern Rectangular Fruit Bowl in heavyweight glass.

The 14” Rectangle Crystal Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowls are also available in Lead Crystal.  Due to the amount of lead in the glass mix, these are heavier than a comparable Fruit Bowl.  24% Lead Crystal is mouth blown and then hand cut, either leaving a clear panel for Glass Engraving purposes, or fully cut for instant purchase.

A Crystal Fruit Bowl made from 24% Lead Crystal is a traditional looking Fruit Bowl which will grace all but the most modern home.  A favourite is the standard Inverness Crystal Fruit Bowl.  It is a magnificent piece of work, manufactured by specialist artisans to a high quality.  Buy a Fruit Bowl online.


There are many other Bowls available, including Rose Bowls, Trophy Bowls and Comports.  Take your time when visiting a Glass Engraver's Website, to ensure you buy a Fruit Bowl which is right for you and your needs.  A Bowl is an important part of the décor of any home.


"Inverness Crystal" Fruit Bowl with clear panel for engraving.

The Inverness Crystal Fruit Bowl