Buy a Glass Paperweight today at any of The Glass Engraver  Websites.  Your Glass Paperweight can be plain or a Personalised Paperweight. 

Glass Paperweights

There is a large range of Glass Paperweights to choose from, in an assortment of different shapes.  The most popular is the Round Glass Paperweight, with the Oval Glass Paperweight being a close second.

Glass Paperweights can have Glass Engraving and The Glass Engraver Websites all specialise in this.  Alternatively, for a less expensive option, Glass Printing works well for Corporate Gifts and Sports Trophies. You can also buy a Paperweight Kit, where you can cut a photograph to size and insert it into the Glass Paperweight and hold it in place, using a Felt Backing (also available from The Glass Engraver Websites).

Corporate Gifts

Glass Paperweights are inexpensive, yet look high-value, when either Deep Engraved or Printed.  The frost colour printing option emulates the colour of deep engraving and confuses experts quite often!  This form of Corporate Gift remains on a desk, in full sight, and a Personalised Paperweight is a permanent reminder of the company presenting it.


Glass Paperweight, engraved for Corporate body, boxed.

A Glass Paperweight.  Engraved, it becomes a Personalised Paperweight

Sports Trophies

A Paperweight works well as a Sports Trophy and is an inexpensive prize when Printed.  Either the club’s crest, or a generic design from the library, which is available on all of The Glass Engraver Websites, along with the name of the club and maybe the name of the Sports Trophy.  Either of these options works well to provide a Personalised Paperweight.

Paperweight Kit

Glass Paper Weights are available with inserts and backings, in the form of a Paperweight Kit.  The insert is handy if a pressed flower, or other individual item, needs to be placed in the Glass Paperweight recess.  A backing then holds all items together.  Paperweight Kits are supplied with all three component parts and are available as Round Glass Paperweight Kits, Oval Glass Paperweight Kits and Domed Lead Crystal Paperweight Kits.


Printed Glass Paperweight, in 4 colours.

Your Glass Paperweight can be Printed in up to 4 colours – more are available on enquiry.

You can buy a Paperweight Kit from any of The Glass Engraver  Websites and make Gifts for your friends and family.  Your Personalised Paperweight will make great Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas Gifts.

Glass Paper Weights

Glass Paper Weights make good presentation pieces and are popular for companies to award as Sales Awards, Corporate Business Gifts and Corporate Anniversary Awards.  Glass Paper Weights are available for you to buy either Deep Engraved or Printed in up to 4 colours, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  You can order Glass Paper Weights online, or contact the Glass Engraver of your choice for friendly and professional advice.  They will be your point of contact from accepting your order to the delivery of your Glass Paper Weights.


Paperweight Kit. Insert and Backing included.

Buy Paperweight Kits from any of The Glass Engraver  Websites

Crystal Paperweight

The Glass Engraver Websites feature a good assortment of Crystal Paperweights, under the Desk Top range, which you will find in the Shop.  There is a Domed Lead Crystal Paperweight and a number of Optical Crystal shapes for your selection.  The Optical Crystal versions include Glass Diamond Paperweights and Star Shapes too; you will be spoiled for choice!  Crystal Paperweights can be 3D engraved, inside the Crystal Paperweight.  You need to contact the Glass Engraver of your choice and explain what you would like engraved.  This can then be combined with surface Crystal Engraving with designs and/or text.

WhiteFire Crystal Paperweights are supplied in rigid blue velvet lined boxes, with a lid that closes with the clunk of a Rolls Royce car door!  These are high quality products, which, when deeply engraved, become highly valued by the recipient.  A fully Personalised Paperweight makes a great keepsake and will be displayed with pride by the owner


 Diamond Paperweight in engraveable optical crystal.

A Glass Diamond Paperweight