Corporate Business Gifts

The Glass Engraver Websites are run by experienced people, who are both friendly and professional.  They all offer a large range of Glass and Crystal Corporate Gifts.  Some Glass Engravers offer other styles of corporate gifts.

The Range of Corporate Gifts

The range of glass and crystal Corporate Gifts extends to desk items, flat glass gifts, blocks of crystal, coasters, paperweights in all manner of shapes and sizes, glassware & crystal gifts of many varieties.  All items are suitable for bespoke engraving or printing, an inexpensive ‘budget busting’ option.  Probably the largest range of glass and crystal in the UK. 

Some Engravers  also offer Corporate Gifts made from other materials; silver plated, metal, resin and aluminium.  A great choice is available to you, at highly competitive prices. Gifts for a special event, Incentive Awards for Staff, Sales Awards, Executive Gifts or Long Service Awards.


Round Paperweight, engraved with Corporate logo for Business Gift.

Inexpensive Paperweight, deep engraved for a Corporate Gift.

Experienced Sales People

The Glass Engraver’s Websites are backed by 30 years experience in the UK industry.  Professional engravers and friendly contacts ensure that your needs are met promptly.  All stocks levels shown on the Glass Engravers  Websites are current; you can be assured about availability.

You are now viewing the link to the best websites in the UK for Corporate Gifts, golf day prizes, commemorating the opening of a new building, employee recognition awards, employee of the month awards and bespoke business gifts.

Office Gifts are available in the form of small, inexpensive, branded glass and crystal products.  Ideal as a Promotional Gift, rewarding your clients and possibly attracting further business.  Or present a superb, heavy, pure quality, optical crystal, Corporate Gift, which will be displayed with pride.  Either will enhance your reputation and increase your brand awareness.


Oval shaped Paperweight, engraved for Corporate Business Gifts.

Inexpensive oval paperweight, printed in ‘frost colour’ print for a Promotional Gift.

Bespoke Engraving and Printing

Bespoke Glass Engraving and Glass Printing is the mainstay of all of The Glass Engraver’s Websites – or telephone for a professional and friendly discussion.  All your Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts or Promotional Gifts will be personalised exactly to your specification.  Your needs will be catered for promptly, by real people, at the end of the telephone or by email contact.

Some ideal Corporate Gifts

If you want your company to be remembered after an exhibition, a small gift will be pulled out of your client’s briefcase or bag and deposited at home or office.  The collected brochures will form a heap – and your gift will stand, alone.  It’s a great way to grab the attention of your buyers!


Printed glass Coaster for Corporate Business Gifts.

Bevel-edged coaster, printed one colour for a Promotional Gift.

 Printed Shot Glass for a Corporate Gift.  Tumbler, engraved with Corporate logo, for a Business Gift.  Engraved Optical Crystal Corporate Business Gift.

Shot Glass, 3 colour printed for an exhibition give-away.

Single ‘frost’ colour print on a Tumbler.  Inexpensive gift.

High quality, optical crystal pyramid, deep engraved.