Glass Sports Trophies

Buy Glass Sports Trophies today, from a Glass Engraver's Website.  There is a superb range of Glass Sports Trophies available, in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  Glass Sports Trophies are suitable for Corporate Trophies, Sports Trophies, Academic Awards and School Trophies.

Glass Sports Trophies are available for any sport played in UK.  There are generic engraving designs in libraries on each of The Glass Engravers Websites, or upload your own club crest or corporate logo.  Engraving a design will transform your Glass Sports Trophies completely!

Glass Golf Trophy

Glass Golf Trophies are a speciality of many Engravers.  You can buy Glass Golf Trophies from one who specialises; find one from the drop down list of specialities.  Deep Glass Engraving is carried out by all engravers to a high level of quality assurance and your order for Glass Golf Trophies will be in safe hands.

Possibly the most useful Glass Golf Trophy is the Hole in One Trophy.  Made by hand in The Highlands of Scotland, the upright is suitable for Glass Engraving, while the base holds the ball, which was used for the Hole in One.  The Hole in One Trophy comes from the Ice Block range and is a unique Glass Golf Trophy.  The top can record the crest of the golf club, the name of the person, the date and details of the hole, which the Hole in One Trophy commemorates.

Packaged in a rigid blue box bearing the name “Copinsay Ice Block”, the Hole in One Trophy is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its provenance.


Glass Sports Trophy for Golf. Engraveable.

A Glass Golf Trophy with suitable base for Glass Engraving.

Many other Glass Golf Trophies are available for you to buy online, from any of the Websites.  There are solid golf balls in crystal, standing on a solid block, which can be engraved for any golfing occasion. If you need a Glass Golf Trophy in the shape of a golf ball, this provides the ideal solution.

Popular Glass Golf Trophies are Glassware, which can be collected as sets.  The Glass Engravers Websites have numerous options for you, including all forms of stemware and brandy balloons.  Tankards, decanters and bowls work well as a single Glass Golf Trophy.

Glass Football Trophy

Buy a Glass Football Trophy from the Glass Engravers Websites right now!  There is a good choice, including a solid football mounted on a crystal base.  The base can be deep engraved and will make a Glass Football Trophy to be proud of.


"Ice Block" Hole in One Glass Sports Trophy.

The Hole in One Trophy, available from all Glass Engravers Websites.

Many other items of Glassware make good Glass Football Trophies.  A Tankard is always popular, especially when engraved with the club crest and appropriate words.  A Glass Football Trophy can assume many different shapes, when engraved to commemorate an event.  A Glass Football Trophy, which is popular, is a Vase shape with a flare at the top, making it look very trophy shaped.

Maybe it is not just a Football Trophy that is required, but a Thank You to the ‘behind the scenes’ partners who do the washing and generally support?  There are some superb little Football Gifts available on all Websites.

You can place your Glass Football Trophy order online and upload your club crest too.  his will be deep engraved, along with your choice of words.  Glass Football Trophies can be delivered anywhere in the world and the correct postage will be calculated by the website when you enter the delivery address.  Alternatively, contact your selected engraver by ‘phone or email and have a frank discussion about your Glass Football Trophies.  Some also offer Metal, resin and plastic Football Trophies.


Full size Glass Football Trophy, for engraving.

Glass Football Trophies, available from all Websites.