Engraved Vase

Buy an Engraved Vase today, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  There is a great selection of vases to choose from, in different sizes and qualities.

Your Engraved Vase will be bespoke engraved and you can select an engraving design from the online library, or upload your own design.  There is a choice of different text styles, along with your choice of words to commemorate any event, making your Engraved Vase truly unique.

You can ask for a ‘proof’ before engraving, so that you can see the layout of your selection.  You will be completely satisfied as to the specification of layout before the Glass Engraving commences.  Your Engraved Vase will be packaged securely and delivered by the date you specify on your order.  You can place your order online and pay securely, or make contact with the Glass Engraver of your choice via email or ‘phone.  They will become your contact for your Engraved Vase from point of order to final delivery.


"Balmoral Glass" Sliced, bubble-based Vase, for engraving.

A beautiful Balmoral Glass Sliced Bubble Based Vase

Engraved Vases are available in Glassware or Crystal Glass or Lead CrystalGlassware Engraved Vases are mostly mouth blown and hand made, in the Balmoral Glass range.  These Engraved Vases are packaged in distinctive blue boxes, branded with the Balmoral Glass logo.  There is also a ‘legend’ on the box, explaining how the Engraved Vase was made and how to care for it.  Crystal Glass has more lead in the glass and an Engraved Crystal Vase tends to weigh a little more, especially since their wall thickness is greater.  Engraved Crystal Vases are made by machine and sizes are more consistent.  A Lead Crystal Engraved Crystal Vase has been hand cut, with a clear ‘panel’ of crystal left for engraving.  With 24% of the glass mix being lead oxide, this Engraved Crystal Vase weighs more than the other types, providing the wall thickness is the same.  Whichever Engraved Vase you select, you will be delighted with the result.


Bohemia Crystal "Gondolino" Vase, for engraving.

A Crystal Glass Vase named Gondolino, 11” tall

Personalised Vase

A Personalised Vase is much the same as an Engraved Vase.  Personalising a vase makes it very special to the recipient and celebrates an occasion.  A Personalised Vase makes an excellent Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift or a gift for The Mother of The Bride.  Personalised Vases are always kept on display in a home – or an office, making Personalised Vases also acceptable for Corporate Awards too.

When a Personalised Vase is not full of flowers, they can be made to look fascinating by filling them with dark coloured pebbles.  If left empty, ensure your Personalised Vase is displayed against a dark background.  This makes the personalising stand out, because the personalising is white and the background will make the vase look dark, giving a ‘black and white’ look to the Personalised Vase.


"Inverness Crystal" Vase, for engraving.

A Lead Crystal panelled Inverness Crystal Barrel Vase

Some folk spell Personalised Vase a different way – Personalized Vase.  The difference between the spellings is often debated, but Personalized Vase means exactly the same.  Some say the difference is between University spellings, citing Oxford and Cambridge, but scholars from both Universities spell both ways - Personalized Vase and Personalised Vase!

Would a Personalized Vase make a good School Award or School Prize?  We think that a teacher, who has put in the extra effort to be commended, would really appreciate a Personalized Vase.  Likewise, female sports people would be delighted to receive their Sports Trophy in the form of a Personalized Vase.  This makes Personalized Vases good all round Gifts, Awards and Trophies.


Personalised Vase engraving for a Darts League.

Close-up of a Personalised Vase

To find out more on how your Personalised Vase, or Personalized Vase will be engraved, visit either our Glass Engraving or Crystal Engraving pages.  Our How We Do What We Do is quite interesting too and gives you pictorial stages of Sandblast Glass Engraving.