Golf Medal

Golf Medals, in many and various forms, are available from all of The Glass Engraver’s Websites.  In addition to Glassware and Crystal, Some engravers also offer Golf Medals made from resins and metals.  All offer a fast service and very competitive pricing.

Golf Medals

The image on the right is an Optical Crystal Golf Medal, which costs less than you may think and can be deep engraved with a club or association crest and suitable text.

Manufactured from WhiteFire Optical Crystal, the Golf Medal is of the highest possible quality.  The same Optical Crystal is used for prescription glasses and other high-end optical use.  Packaged in a rigid, velvet lined casket, the lid closes with the clunk of a Driver against a golf ball.  The looks definitely defy the cost of this product and its packaging!


Golf Medal in optical crystal, including ribbon and box.

Optical Crystal Golf Medal

Monthly Medals

Monthly Medals are popular with many Golf Clubs and all take a different stance, with regard to their choice of Golf Medal.  A popular choice is to build sets of Stemware (Tumblers, Wine Glasses, Brandy Glasses).  The Glass Engravers Websites all offer good ranges of these products.  All Stemware (except ‘fully cut’ versions) can be deep engraved with the club or association crest and supporting text e.g. Golf Medal or Monthly Medal.  Glass Engraving is a specialist job and all engravers are professionals.  You can select your choice of engraver from the one closest geographically to you (although all can deliver to any address, worldwide), or one who specialises in Golf.

The beauty of giving Stemware as Golf Medals is that players continue entering, in order to collect a full set.  It is important therefore, to ask your selected engraver if a range is likely to become discontinued in the future.  All Websites show current stocks, when new stocks are arriving and lead times for gaining additional stocks.  If an item is being discontinued, it will say so on the product page.  You can order Golf Medals online at any time of the day or night and upload your own artwork, or select from the online library of designs.  Payment is secure via PayPal or credit card.


Crystal Tumbler, engraved for Monthly Golf Medal.

Tumblers are ideal for Monthly Golf Medals

The Glass Engravers Websites are run by friendly, professional people, whose business it is to look after their customers needs from first contact to final delivery.  If you require a proof for your Golf Medal order, it will be willingly supplied, so that you can be assured that your order will be supplied to its specification.

Woman Golf Trophy

All of The engravers, in addition to supplying Golf Medals, also supply Golf Trophies and Golf Prizes, as well as Golf Cups.  Women Golf Trophy supplies are also available and there are large ranges of Bowls, Perfume Bottles and Vases.

To order a Woman Golf Trophy, visit your choice of engraver's Website and select a suitable item.  At the order stage, you can upload your own design and specify words to suit, or select from a library of different designs to celebrate your Woman Golf Trophy.