Lead Crystal Glasses

Lead Crystal Glasses are available from all of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Select the Glass Engraver nearest to you, or one who lists the speciality you require – Personal Gifts, Sports Awards, Corporate Gifts etc;

Crystal v. Glassware

Lead Crystal is blown into many forms.  Lead Crystal Wine Glasses are nicer to drink from than an ordinary Glassware Wine Glass!  A Lead Crystal Tumbler is a much nicer weight in the hand than ordinary Glassware Tumblers.  A Lead Crystal Bowl will sit in the middle of your table and refract colours like a prism; no plain Crystal Bowl can do that!

The Glass Engraver Websites also offer a choice of Lead Crystal Vase, Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes and Lead Crystal Decanter.  The Lead Crystal Vase selection is a range to behold and the colours of flowers always look better in a Lead Crystal Vase.  Champagne, sipped from Lead Crystal Champagne Glasses will make every bubble pass its fizzical.  A Lead Crystal Decanter or a Lead Crystal Decanter Set will enhance any sideboard, lifting your spirits!  Lead Crystal Vases, Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes and Lead Crystal Decanters can all be purchased from The Glass Engraver Websites.


Lead Crystal Wine Glass, for engraving.

Mirelle Lead Crystal Wine Glass.  Plain Lead Crystal, not cut or polished.

Lead Crystal Tumblers

Lead Crystal Tumblers are available in a variety of sizes.  A small 6oz (170ml) makes an excellent Juice Glass.  There is an 8oz (225ml), suitable as a Whisky Glass (also known as a Whisky Tumbler) and also a 10oz (284ml) size, great for adding ‘fizz’ to a spirit and so, named a Mixer Glass.  Every home should have six of each size of Lead Crystal Tumblers!

Lead Crystal Tumblers are very collectible and make excellent Golf Medals, so that they can be collected over a period of time.  Panelled Lead Crystal Tumblers are available from all Glass Engraver  Websites.  Named ‘Panelled’ because they have a panel of clear crystal suitable for engraving.  This is ideal for Personalised Crystal and can have the crest of the Golf Club engraved.  Lead Crystal Tumblers are also highly sought after as personal Gifts and can be purchased singly, in pairs or sixes in Satin Boxes.  A pair of Lead Crystal Tumblers makes an ideal Wedding Gift too.


Cut-crystal whisky glass, with panel for engraving

A ‘Panelled’ 10oz Tumbler available from The Glass Engraver Websites.

Lead Crystal Bowl

The sheer ‘presence’ of a Lead Crystal Bowl as a centrepiece for a table or sideboard cannot be beaten.  If the Lead Crystal Bowl has been cut, as explained in our Lead Crystal page, the light reflects and refracts in the cuts, giving a rainbow of colours.  A Lead Crystal Bowl makes a stunning Wedding Gift, Corporate Gift or high quality Trophy.  The Glass Engraver Websites offer many heavyweight Lead Crystal Bowls, many of which can be supplied in Satin Boxes for the ultimate presentation gift or award.

Lead Crystal Vase

Lead Crystal Vases are often cut, leaving a Panel of clear crystal for engraving purposes.  A Lead Crystal Vase makes a beautiful Wedding Gift.  Engraved with a suitable design (there are lots to choose from on The Glass Engraver Websites) and text commemorating the day, the Lead Crystal Vase will make a highly desirable impact on the bride and groom’s special day.  Or, maybe, suitable as a grand Gift for The Bride’s Mother.

Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes

Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes are highly collectible and that makes them suitable for ongoing Golf Prizes – maybe for Monthly Golf Medals.  Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes are also a celebratory glass and that makes them suitable for Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts.  A panel of clear crystal is left in the Cut Crystal Champagne Flutes to engrave a design and words commemorating the occasion.


Lead Crystal Vase, cut, with engraving panel.

Panelled Lead Crystal Vase.

Lead Crystal Decanter

A Lead Crystal Decanter usually has one side left as clear crystal, for engraving.  This large area allows for engraving a design and suitable text with ‘air’ around them.  A Lead Crystal Decanter or Lead Crystal Decanter Set makes a wonderful presentation.  Personalised Crystal is suitable for all manner of occasions.  One can imagine a Lead Crystal Decanter, suitably engraved, being presented as a Golf Prize, a Football Trophy, a Wedding Gift or Anniversary Gift.

Lead Crystal Glasses

As well as the Lead Crystal Whisky Tumblers and Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes mentioned above, the other Stemware forms of Lead Crystal Glasses are Wine Glasses, Brandy Balloons and Hiballs. 

Lead Crystal Wine Glasses

Lead Crystal Glasses for Wine are a very popular Gift or Trophy.  Most every household drinks wine at some time or another and a good quality wine tastes far better when drunk from Lead Crystal Glasses than it does from ordinary Glassware or Crystal-Glass!  Lead Crystal Wine Glasses are available in different sizes from all the Glass Engraver  Websites.  A 10oz (284ml) Red Wine Glass is the most popular size.  It does not have to be filled to the brim and, half full, the wine can be swirled around in the glass, mixing it with air, so developing the flavour.  Plain Lead Crystal Glasses are also available in 7oz (200ml) and suitable for White Wine.  Lead Crystal Glasses have more weight than ordinary Glassware or Crystal-Glass and more natural ‘colour’ too, due to their clarity.



Modern cut-crystal Lead Crystal Wine Glass, for engraving.

The modern ‘Elite’ Panelled Lead Crystal Wine Glass.

Lead Crystal Brandy Glasses

The Brandy Glass available in the Lead Crystal Glasses range is 10oz (284ml) and, again, one would not fill it to the brim!  A good brandy needs to breathe and be warmed, which is why Brandy Glasses are the shape they are.  Cup the Lead Crystal Brandy Glass into your hand and allow the warmth of your hand to gently warm the Lead Crystal Glass.  Like a Red Wine Glass, swirl the spirit around your Brandy Glass and the brandy will slowly come to life.

The most popular form of French Brandy is Cognac, but many French people drink Armagnac.  The same Brandy Glass shape is used to drink both spirits.  Armagnac also requires warmth and air to be appreciated at its best.  Your Lead Crystal Brandy Glass will allow you to enjoy either spirit at its best if you follow the simple rules of waiting for it to warm with the Lead Crystal Brandy Glass cupped in your hand, while swirling it around the glass.


Lead Crystal Brandy Balloon, for engraving.

A Panelled Lead Crystal Brandy Glass, available from all Glass Engraver Websites

Lead Crystal Hiball Glasses

A Hiball is originally an American style glass, now popular in UK and Europe.  Although, some Americans claim that the drink - and the glass - originated in England.  A Hiball is a carbonated water and spirit drink, e.g. Scotch and American.  The ‘Hi’ coming from ‘High’ or ‘Tall’ glass.  It is not known where the ‘Ball’ came from but there are many suggestions.  Of all the Lead Crystal Glasses, the Hiball is perhaps the least popular.  Quite why, is unknown, because it is a very versatile glass, suited not only to the Hiball Brink, but long drinks of all types.  Orange Squash, Milk and all manner of fizzy drinks can be combined with ice and fruit in a Hiball Glass.  And, like all other glasses, Lead Crystal Glasses make drinks taste much nicer than when served in ordinary Glassware!


Lead Crystal Hiball Glass, for engraving.

A panelled Lead Crystal Hiball, available from all The Glass Engraver Websites