Christening Gift

Buy your ideal Christening Gift from a  Professional Glass Engraver.  Perfect Glassware and Crystal gifts, to commemorate the christening of a new person in the world.  Some Engravers also offer Christening Gifts in a range of metal, resin and plastic materials, so you will be spoiled for choice.

The engraving of a Christening Gift is important, because the surname is always discarded and only the Christian Names are engraved.  The other important part of the engraving is the Date of the christening and the Place (usually a church name).  Your Personalised Christening Gift celebrates the day that the boy or girl becomes a part of their community and your gift will be kept forever, for them to cherish, as they grow older.

All the Glass Engravers are proficient in the art of Glass Engraving.  But you would need to select one who specialises in supplying other materials, if you would like a metal, resin or plastic Christening Gift.  There are silver Christening Gifts, amongst many others and all can be personalised to commemorate the date of the Christening.


Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle, engraved for Christening Gift. 

A Perfume Bottle, correctly engraved makes a lovely Christening Gift for Girls

Christening Gifts for Girls

For some great Christening Gifts for Girls, visit one of the WebsitesGlassware and Crystal can provide you with Personalised Christening Gifts for Girls and all engravers are proficient in the art of Glass Engraving.  Everyone loves glass and crystal in its many forms and it is so easy to keep clean.  The recipient will not fully appreciate your Christening Gift for Girls until they are somewhat older.  It is then that your gift, having been displayed with pride over many years, will also become treasured as a real Girl Christening Gift.

For some Christening Gift Ideas for Girls, take time to browse the many different shapes available from your chosen Website.  Good ideas for Girl Christening Gifts are perfume bottles, Wine Glasses and little Vases.  Larger pieces can have the photograph of the baby girl engraved on them, with the Christian Names, Date and Place of Christening, making truly Personalised Christening Gifts for Girls.  For more Christening Gift Ideas for Girls, what about a small Crystal Bowl?  Large enough for photoengraving and a great idea we saw not long ago, was to engrave the hand or footprint of the baby girl into glass, immortalising an unusual feature.  This makes a truly Unusual Christening Gift for Girls.


Bud Vase engraved for Christening Gift.

A Classic Vase, engraved correctly, makes super Christening Gifts for Girls

For smaller Christening Gifts for Girls, what about a Diamond in solid Optical Crystal?  There is a nice surface to make a Personalised Christening Gift for Girls, to include the Christian Names, Date and Place of Christening.  Or, another good Christening Gift Idea for Girls is a solid WhiteFire Crystal Heart; again, it has a good space for Glass Engraving.  It makes a beautiful Personalised Christening Gift!

Christening Gifts for a Girl are difficult to choose sometimes, but help is at hand, in the form of the friendly and professional Glass Engravers.  Contact one either by ‘phone or email, to get some good ideas, centred around your budget.  Of course, you can also place your Christening Gifts for a Girl order online, for delivery literally anywhere.

Christening Gift for Boys

Buy a Christening Gift for Boys from any of the Websites.  There is a large selection of glass and crystal Christening Presents for a Boy, which can be personalised to make your Boy Christening Presents truly unique.  Some engravers also offer Silver Christening Presents too.


 "Balmoral Glass" Bowl, engraved for Christening Gift.

A small Bowl, commemoratively engraved, makes nice Christening Gifts for a Girl

Buying a Christening Gift for Boys is easy, once you have made your selection from the many choices available on the Websites.  Engraving your Christening Present for Boy is important, because you need to remember to drop the surname and only engrave Christian Names.  The other important thing to remember is the date of the Christening Gift for Boy – and the venue, usually a church, where the Christening takes place.

Your selected Professional is an expert in the art of Crystal Engraving and, if you ask, will provide you with a proof of the layout of engraving design and words for your Gifts for Christening Boy.  Your order will be engraved and despatched in good time for the date of the Christening Gift for Boy.  No matter where in the world the Christening takes place, you can be assured that your Baby Boy Christening Gifts will arrive on time.

There is a large selection of Christening Presents for a Boy; the most popular is a small 10oz Tankard, which can be deep engraved with all the necessary text and a suitable Christening Design from the online website library.  Your Gift for Christening Boy can be packaged in a smart satin lined box, for the presentation.  Your Christening Presents for a Boy will be displayed with pride by the parents, all the time he is growing up.  Maybe, on his 18th Birthday, he will drink his first beer to your health!


 Half pint Tankard engraved for Christening Gift for Boys.

A half pint Tankard, deep engraved, makes great Christening Gift for Boys

A nice alternative for a Boy Christening Gift Ideas is a Photo Frame, which can then include a nice photograph for the Baby Boy Christening Gifts and, on the opposing side, there is plenty of room to make a Personalised Christening Gift for Boys.  Your local or specialist Professional will assist you with the Glass Engraving, or you can simply place your order online.

Ideas for Christening Gifts

Run out of Gift Ideas for Christening?  Welcome to The Glass Engraver's Directory of Websites, where ideas abound!  We have Boy Christening Gift Ideas, Christening Gift Ideas for Girls and Baby Christening Gift Ideas.  Sometimes, Adults get christened and we have lots of general Ideas for Personalised Christening Gifts for them too.

Everyone loves Glassware and Crystal, especially when it has been personalised.  All Professionals are proficient at Glass Engraving and Crystal Engraving and will assist you with Ideas for Christening Gifts and what to engrave on them.  Firstly, it is very important only to engrave only the Christian Names.  Then, the date of the christening and the place are also vital to create truly Unique Christening Gifts.

The solution to Baby Christening Gift Ideas begins with the sex of the baby, because all babies grow into adults and they will want to identify with the Baby Christening Gift Ideas you had all those years ago!  It is therefore important to think not just of the baby as they are today, but what they will make of your Baby Christening Gift Idea when they are fully grown.  A teddy on a photo frame, or similar, is unlikely to be put on display?  Maybe you would like to think of something with a little more forethought, which will be displayed with pride, many years hence?

When considering your Gift Ideas for Christening, the young lady who has just entered the world will have a mother – and the mother will want to display your Ideas for Christening Gifts on top of a table or sideboard.  Maybe something useful, like a Personalised Wine Glass or small Vase will stand the test of time?  Suitable personalised, to celebrate the special day; it will bring memories flooding back and makes truly Unique Christening Gifts.


Glass photo frame, engraved for Christening Gift.

A Photo Frame makes a wonderful Christening Gift

Stuck for Gift Ideas for Christening a young boy?  Well, again, think of the father, who will want to proudly show off both his new son and your Personalised Christening Gift.  A special and well thought out gift will grab his attention and he, in turn, will want to show it off.  A half pint tankard will suit the ‘half pint’ he now calls ‘son’!  And that is just one idea you will get, when you visit a Professional's Website, to look for your Christening Presents for a Boy.

Godparent Gift

Looking for a good quality Godparent Gift?  You can buy Godparent Gifts today, from any of The Glass Engraver Professional's Websites and be satisfied that your gift will exceed your expectations.  Christening Gifts from Godparents to their Godchild and Gifts for Godparents at Christening are all available and can be personalised properly by experienced artisans in the UK.

Choosing a Godparent Gift may provide time consuming and confusing and, if either is the case, feel free to make contact with a Glass Engraver who is either geographically close to you, or one who specialises in Personalised Christening Gifts.  They will understand your needs for a Godparent Gift and ask relevant questions, making suitable suggestions.


Crystal Diamond, engraved for Godparent Gift.

A Diamond makes a memorable Godparent Gift

Christening Gifts from Godparents need to be meaningful, not for today, because the little mite will not fully understand, but for the time they start to grow up and realise that they were christened to be a part of the community.  Selected Christening Gifts from Godparents, correctly engraved to record the event, will be treasured for many years, even by the person being christened.  A full selection of Personalised Christening Gifts is available for you to view online, at any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  You can place your order online and select a suitable engraving design from the library, along with suitable text.  Your selected Christening Gifts from Godparents will arrive safely and it time for the ceremony.  It will be a Personalised Christening Gift you can be proud to present.

Unique Christening Gifts

Making Unique Christening Gifts is easy, on any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  The trick is in the personalisation, because the Christian Names, date and venue are always different, therefore making Personalised Christening Gifts into Unique Christening Gifts.  For a wonderful range of Unique Christening Gift Ideas, take a visit to a Professional Glass Engraver's Website.

You will find a number of Unusual Christening Gifts and Unusual Christening Presents, just think of them personalised with your special words and a Christening Design from the online library.  How about the hand made Rock Tablets, made in The Highlands of Scotland and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, tied with tartan ribbon?  Now imagine one deeply engraved with the Godchild’s Christian names, date of christening and venue.  Simply Perfect and Simply Unusual Christening Presents!


 Optical Crystal Heart, engraved for Christening Gift.

Hearts make Unique Christening Gifts

If you would like even more Unusual Christening Gifts, take a look at Crystal Blocks in any Engraver's Shop, then click on WhiteFire.  These pieces have many different facets.  Imagine one facet with the photoengraving of the baby’s foot, another with a photoengraving of baby’s hand and a top-most facet with a photoengraving of baby’s face.  On other faces, the Christian names, date and venue.  It will be a most Unusual Christening Gift and will be displayed with wonder and awe!