Personalised Crystal

You can buy Personalised Crystal today, from any of The Glass Engraver  Websites.  Personalised Crystal makes superb Gifts, Trophies and Corporate Awards.

You can select from a large range of Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal and choose from a library of different engraving designs and text styles.  You can also upload your own Club Crest, Corporate Logo or Personal design to be engraved and make your Personalised Crystal completely bespoke.

Personalised Crystal Gifts

If you need a Personal Crystal Gift, you will delight the recipient with a piece of Personalised Crystal, which will be displayed with pride, long after the event is over.  Order online, or contact the Glass Engraver of your choice for first class service from placing your order to receipt of your parcel, wherever you live in the UK – or you can have your delivery made anywhere in the world.  Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts are all available to you in the form of Personalised Crystal.


Printed Champagne Flutes, from the Crystal Gifts range.

Personalised Crystal Champagne Flutes, an ideal Gift.

Personalised Crystal Trophies

Sports Clubs will delight in the range and affordability of Personalised Crystal for their Sports Trophies.  A Trophy Table, laden with Personalised Crystal, looks simply stunning and is a memorable sight.  Personalised Crystal Trophies are not simply ‘chucked in a drawer’ after the awards ceremony, they are displayed with pride, long after the event.  Crystal Trophies are very easily kept clean too!

Personalised Crystal Awards

Corporate Awards, in the form of Personalised Crystal, have a high-perceived value, are cherished far more than certificates and last longer than a handshake!  A large range of crystal is available on all of The Glass Engraver Websites and, with the exception of fully cut crystal, can be personalised with your corporate logo and suitable text.  You can buy today and have your order delivered promptly, to your specifications, to any address in the world.


Personalised Crystal balancing cube, for Golf Society.

Personalised Crystal Balancing Cube, an ideal Trophy.

Engraved Crystal

Crystal Engraving is a wonderful way to enhance a piece of crystal and make it into a meaningful and highly regarded product.  There is a large range of products for your selection, available on any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Engraved Crystal is suitable for Gifts, Corporate Awards and Sports Trophies

There are a number of ways to produce Engraved Crystal and you can find out more about the various processes, or pictorially see sandblasting.

Engraved Crystal for Gifts

Many people feel that Engraved Crystal is the finest gift, award or trophy that can be presented.  Everyone likes Crystal and, once it is bespoke engraved, it is displayed for all to see and admire.  Whether commemorating a Wedding, or celebrating winning a Sporting Event, Engraved Crystal sits head and shoulders above most other mediums.  It always looks fresh and is easily cleaned too!


Personalised Crystal Book, engraved for Business Award.

Personalised Crystal Book, a superb Corporate Award

Photo-engraving shows up well on Engraved Crystal and is a great way to achieve a unique and memorable Anniversary Gift.  A photo of the couple on their Wedding Day and another, current, image, side-by-side with suitable text to commemorate the event.

Engraved Crystal for Corporate Prizes

A Corporate Prize of Engraved Crystal has a very good perception of related high value.  The company’s corporate logo, deep engraved, along with supporting text to commemorate and record the achievement of the winner of e.g. a Sales Award, will draw admiring looks and inwardly set the minds of peers to achieve higher standards in the future.

Engraved Crystal for Trophies

Imagine a table, full of Engraved Crystal, awaiting presentation.  The sight is tremendous, with colours dancing in the light, in prismatic fashion.  Each piece engraved with the Club Crest and supporting text, to record each Winner and Runner Up’s achievement.  The effect is memorable and each Trophy will be taken home and displayed with aplomb!