Crystal Gift

Crystal Gift

Buy a Crystal Gift today, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  There is a beautiful range of Crystal Gifts, already decorated suitable for many occasions, which are packaged in branded silver boxes, named “Crystal Gifts”, suitable for posting to any address via Royal Mail. If you are looking for Crystal Gift Ideas, start by visiting a Website and clicking on Shop – Gift.

Your Gift of Crystal can be posted direct to your friend or relative, along with a message, if you wish.  Simply add a Note to your online order, with your special message and your Crystal Gift will be on its way in no time at all.

Crystal Gifts are suitable for Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Birthday Gifts, I Love My Mum Gifts (and I Love My Dad..!).  You can even send a Crystal Gift to your best friend, entitled I Love My Best Friend!  Naturally, Valentine Gifts, Retirement Gifts and Christmas Gifts are also included in the ranges of Champagne Flutes and Tankards with the Crystal Gifts branding on all boxes.


Crystal Gifts. Champagne Flutes, Tankards, Diamonds.

“Crystal Gifts” branded Champagne Flutes and Tankards

Special Crystal Gifts also include a Dome Paperweight, with your choice of European Heraldic Crest or Scottish Clan Crest deep engraved into the Paperweight.  A different sort of Glass Gift is also available, in the form of a Scottish Clan Crest of your choosing, engraved into a Rock Tablet or Ice Block, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  To view more details about these speciality Crystal Gifts and Glass Gifts, click on one of the links in this paragraph.

If you are stuck for Crystal Gift Ideas, then contact a friendly Professional Engraver today.  They are experts at supplying Crystal Gifts and welcome the opportunity to help solve Crystal Gift problems.  All Engravers are based in the UK, so you can be assured of stock of Crystal Gifts UK based.  Your Gift of Crystal will be attended to by your selected Engraver, from placing your order to final delivery and your satisfaction.


Lead crystal paperweight gift, engraved with Heraldic Crest.

Heraldic Dome Paperweight, with your choice of European name researched

Engraved Crystal Gift

You can buy bespoke Engraved Crystal Gifts at any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Buy online today, or contact an Engraver for friendly help and assistance.

Some folk spell Crystal with an ‘i’, making the words Crystal Gift into Cristal Gift.  Cristal Gift is okay and we know what you mean, but please be assured that if a Professional Glass Engraver is going to provide you with an Engraved Crystal Gift, it is very important to get the correct spelling on your Personalized Crystal Gift. Crystal is a girl’s name and if, for instance, Cristal was engraved, it could be most upsetting to the recipient.  If you are unsure of any spelling, please enlist the assistance of your chosen Engraver


Crystal Engagement Gift, photoengraving of couple.

Engraved Crystal Gift for an Engagement Gift

To buy a bespoke Engraved Crystal Gift is as simple as taking 1, 2, 3 steps.  Step one, select an Engraver.  Step two, select your Glassware or Crystal.  Step three, select your engraving design and words and check out.  Your Engraved Crystal Gift will be delivered on or before the day you stipulate.

Everyone loves to receive a Personalized Crystal Gift, with his or her name deeply engraved into the Crystal.  The occasions when a Personalized Crystal Gift can be given are numerous.  From Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries to Valentines and Christmas, using the services of Glass Engraving, a Personalized Crystal Gift, commemorating the occasion, makes it really special.

Crystal Gifts for Special Occasions

The Glass Engravers Websites offer either branded ‘Crystal Gifts’, which are Gifts you can buy straight off the shelf, already decorated to commemorate specific events, like Crystal Wedding Gifts, Crystal Anniversary Gifts, Crystal Gifts for Men and Crystal Gifts for Women.  Or you can buy bespoke Engraved Crystal Gifts, meaning your gift will be engraved specially for you, to your specifications (help is available!).  Crystal Wedding Gifts are listed separately on this website, or you can select an Engraver who specialises in Crystal Wedding Gifts and see what their website pages have to offer in the way of assistance.  Either way, you will surely be delighted with the end result, as will the member of the wedding party for whom your Crystal Wedding Gifts are intended.


Crystal Gifts Tankards, printed for many celebrations.

“Crystal Gifts” branded Tankards for Weddings and Retirements.

Years after your Crystal Wedding Gifts have been on display, it will be time to consider giving Crystal Anniversary Gifts.  There are a number of milestone wedding anniversaries for which you can present Crystal Anniversary Gifts.  Even though Crystal is the 15th wedding anniversary, crystal is often given for many Wedding Anniversaries, because it is engravable.  That makes Crystal Anniversary Gifts more than acceptable, especially because the people receiving your gift will see their names deep engraved into the crystal!

There is a large range of Crystal Gifts for Men available on all Websites.  Men tend to like desk friendly items like Paperweights and other crystal blocks.  Tankards, decanters and whisky sets also favour well as Crystal Gifts for Men.  Bespoke engraving, celebrating a Birthday, for instance, makes all Crystal Gifts for Men into special occasions.


Crystal Pyramid gift, engraved "Thank You".

A beautiful Optical Crystal Pyramid, to say ‘Thank You’

The ladies in our lives are well catered for, with many items of Crsytal.  There are lots of Crystal Gift Ideas for Women on all Websites.  Popular Crystal Gifts for Women are Vases, because a lady never has enough of them!  And, if you need more Crystal Gift Ideas for Women, what about the idea of a beautiful Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle?  Suitably engraved, they make wonderful gifts, suitable for all occasions (especially when accompanied by a bottle of perfume!).  When thinking of Crystal Gifts for Her, how about a beautiful Bowl, either large enough to stand as a table centrepiece, or small enough to go on a dressing table?  There is a host of Crystal Gifts for Women on the Glass Engraver websites, including a single (large) wine glass, engraved especially for her – select some famous people’s sayings about wine to engrave around it, for a magnificent and highly treasured Crystal Gift for Her.


Crystal Perfume Bottle Gift. For engraving.

A sensational Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle – perfect Crystal Gifts for Her

Crystal Photo Gifts

Beautiful Curved, self-supporting Photo Frames, the ultimate Crystal Photo Gifts, are available to buy on all Glass Engraver Websites.  These Crystal Photo Gifts have an area for engraving, to make your Crystal Photo Gifts even more special.  Suitable for all occasions, these Crystal Photo Gifts combine a photograph of an event, along with engraving, ensuring your Crystal Photo Gifts will be displayed with pride, for all to admire, for years to come.

Crystal Glass Gifts

There are a variety of ranges of Crystal Glass Gifts available on The Glass Engraver WebsitesCrystal Glass is generally far better than ordinary Glassware in quality.  Crystal Glass Gifts encompass Wine Glasses, Bowls, Vases and Decanters.  All of these items make superb Crystal Glass Gifts, especially when engraved to suit a special occasion.


Photo Frame Crystal Gift. For engraving.

A Crystal Photo Frame Gift from a wife to her husband