Lead Crystal Decanter

Buy a Lead Crystal Decanter today, from a listed Website.  There is a good range of Lead Crystal Decanters available, in many different styles, available ex-stock.

Lead Crystal Decanter

Lead Crystal Decanters generally weigh more than Glass Decanters or Crystal Decanters.  Due to the presence of Lead Crystal, they can also be hand cut with a pattern.

All listed Websites show a range of hand cut 24% Lead Crystal Decanters.  Lead Crystal Whisky Decanters, Lead Crystal Whiskey Decanters (for Irish Whiskey), Lead Crystal Wine Decanters, Lead Crystal Claret Decanters, Lead Crystal Port Decanters and Lead Crystal Ships Decanters.


Lead Crystal Decanter. Clear Panel for Engraving.

A Lead Crystal Decanter for Whisky or Whiskey

Essentially, Lead Crystal Decanters used for Whisky (or Whiskey) are square in shape.  This is simply a traditional shape, however, contemporary designs are available on listed Websites, making life more interesting.

Lead Crystal Decanters used for Wines, Clarets and Ports are traditionally round and tall, with a narrow neck, to stop the air getting to the wine.  Contemporary designs, again, are making a difference and are available in a variety of different styles.  There is a beautiful Georgian Lead Crystal Decanter on all Websites, which really does stand out.  Proving that traditional styles do still appeal greatly.

A stunning Lead Crystal Decanter is the Ships Decanter.  It weighs an astounding 3.8kgs and smacks of quality.  Sometimes known as a Ships Port decanter, they are used extensively for Military Glassware.

   Lead Crystal Georgian Wine Decanter. For Engraving.

A Lead Crystal Georgian Decanter

All Lead Crystal Decanters are available with a clear panel of crystal for engraving purposes.  These Decanters then become known as Panelled.  The same Lead Crystal Decanter is often available Fully Cut, so not suitable for Crystal Engraving.

Lead Crystal Decanter Set

You can buy a Lead Crystal Decanter Set from the large range available on the Websites.  Both Decanter Sets in satin lined boxes and Whisky Sets with a wood tray are available on the Websites.  A Lead Crystal Whisky Set makes a superb presentation 'Wow' for any Gift, Corporate Award or Sporting Prize.


 Lead Crystal Ships Decanter, for engraving.

A Lead Crystal Ships Decanter